Unfiled Taxes

Let our CPA firm relieve the burden you have been carrying. Whether it is business or individual taxes, federal or state, Unique Accounting specializes in getting your taxes back on track.

Experience matters

The tax law is different each year. Our experience ensures each year is filed correctly and you achieve your maximum tax benefit.

Stop the Excuses

Can’t Find Your Tax Records?

No problem. We can obtain most of your IRS records within hours.

Unsure of Prior Year Tax Laws?

No matter the number of years behind, we can file the taxes.

Not Sure How to Pay Your Taxes?

No problem. We can assist you with your payment options.

No more excuses? Stop procrastinating – contact us today to clear up your tax issues.

Do you wonder about the validity of the ads promising to eliminate your tax debt for pennies on the dollar?

Click here to read what the Wall Street Journal has to say about companies engaging in questionable tax practices.

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Need help with the IRS?

IRS Help

Are you receiving IRS notices? Do you have impending tax levies and garnishments? Unique Accounting can help you get your situation under control.

Click here to find out how we can help

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