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Unique Accounting Turbo Tax H&R Block Other CPA Firms Other Retail Tax Centers
Prepared by a
Certified Public Accountant
Yes Prepare your own taxes No Yes No
Educational/experience requirements 6 Years Prepare your own taxes Tax course 6 years Tax course or nothing
Reviewed by professional Yes Additional charge Yes Yes Yes
Tax advice Professional CPA Additional charge Additional charge Professional CPA Additional charge
Online tax interview Yes No No No No
Can File from home Yes Yes Yes No No
Fast Cash Refund Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tax Preparation fees
(comparable returns)*
Starting at $110.00 Starting at $75.00 Starting at $189.00 Starting at $500.00 Starting at $208.00

* Average prices were reported through various means, including Annual Reports to Shareholders, National Society of Accountants’ reports,and competitor websites, to mention a few.

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Requirements Unique Accounting Bookkeeper
Education Bachelors in Accounting with 150 credit requirement Or Masters in Accounting None
Certification Exam CPA exam with initial pass rates less then bar exam None
Experience Minimum 2 to 4 years comprehensive experience to become certified None
Continuing Education 80 hours of required continued professional education for each two year period None

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